An Assassin In Time
By PhoenixBMeadows
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(ON HOLD) If time couldn't hold you, what would you do? Castian was born inside a Field, outside of time. He has no timeline. He belongs nowhere, and anywhere. The Field he was in was destroyed when he was young, and he and four other children were rescued from it and taken to another , where the man who saved them lives. While they might owe him their life, he may not be what they all think. He trained them from the moment he got them to kill, made them strong and tough, and his. They are assassins for hire, with the ability to rewrite everyone's history but their own. Still mourning the death of his best friend, and just beginning to realize his new, and amazing powers, Castian is sent out to the old west to kill a gunslinger in a little town who's name he doesn't care to learn. Thing quickly move from bad, to worse, and in the weeks that follow, things only get stranger. A secret about his master is revealed, and allegiances aren't what they once were. Castian lands in a strange future, populated by people from a long ago past, where the girl who hates him most just happens to live. ~~~ Updates are Monday and Friday, and sometimes Wednesday, hope you all enjoy!

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An Assass...
by PhoenixBMeadows