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*****MATURE CONTENT. 18+ ONLY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.***** I have never experienced anything like this before. It felt as if my body was on fire, and I was pulsating everywhere. I opened my eyes and my world was spinning. He clapped his free hand over my mouth to keep me quiet as I let out the loudest scream I have ever produced. I felt liquids rush out of me and onto his hand. The burning pain that took over my whole body was gone, and I was left with a feeling of satisfaction and was met with a world of black. "Oh my goddess." I breathed out as the black dots started to disappear and I could finally see the classroom that we were in. He put his fingers under my chin and moved my head so I was looking into his eyes; his beautiful, cloudy, green eyes. He brought his other hand to his mouth and slowly licked away my orgasm, one finger at a time. "I'm River, and I am one of your mates." He said, placing his forehead on mine. "I am Jett. Your other mate." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Three Alphas. One couple. And a very intense heat. So, who's going to come out as the big Alpha? WARNING: GRAPHIC SEXUAL SITUATIONS. VULGAR LANGUAGE. PROCEED WITH YOUR OWN CAUTION.

*o n e*

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by autumnleaves63