Shouto Todoroki x R...
By saltyinsomniac
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*IMPORTANT SUMMARY* Y/n's parents are one of the most popular heroes in the world, her father being able to control the elements, and her mother has a quirk which allows her to summon a sword that can enhance speed, and if she has another ability (example, if she was also able to control lightning it would be apart of the sword, meaning the sword would be able to produce lightning, but the mom can only use the sword and doesn't have any other abilities.) Then when the two met, they has Y/n who developed a quirk at a very young age. Y/n's quirk was a mixture between the two, she can control all elements and has the sword which can produce elements and enhance speed making her quirk overpowered. The parents didn't want any villains in their town targeting her so they told everyone her quirk was to control wind, and move at the speed of lightning. When y/n was 5 her parents had to move to America for hero business leaving their beloved daughter with grandma (dad's side). Before they left, they told Y/n that she had an older brother who was only 5 years older than her, and to go and find him some day, and then they left and sent her to her grandmother. The grandma hated Y/n and left her which led Y/n to meet somebody who would change her life for the better. This Fanfiction is mostly about y/n's experiance in Boku no Hero Academia, but along the way she will experiance romance. Key: Y/n: Your name M/n: Mom's name ~ M/h/n: Mom's hero name D/n: Dad's name ~ D/h/n: Dad's hero name


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Shouto To...
by saltyinsomniac