Mail Order Bride Mi...
By cerebral_1
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All Fiona O'Toole ever dreamed of was running her own millinery shop and seeing her creations worn on the general public. Easier said than done, if you're a woman, and Irish! Sick of being turned down in business just because she happens to be both those things, with nowhere else to turn except to perhaps a brothel, Fiona O'Toole does the unthinkable: she agrees to be a mail order bride, and travels out west to meet her intended, with the hope she'll be able to open that shop as well. Unlucky at love and tired of being alone, Edward Townsend sends away for a mail order bride in search of a perfect match without all the fuss and work of courting. But Edward isn't prepared for the woman who answers his ad, or her lofty ambitions, and what happens next is anyone's guess! Will Fiona be too much woman for the narrow-minded, small town banker, or will Edward be able to tame this "Wild Irish Rose," and in the process perhaps learn something about himself before someone else captures her heart?

Mail Order Bride Mishap

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Mail Orde...
by cerebral_1