Our Long Lost Child...
By _thefairytailnalu_
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((Updates whenever a chapter is ready!)) They were young, wild, and dumb. It was just that one night, it changed Lucy's life forever. Lucy Heartfillia had recently broke up with Natsu Dragneel, then found out she was pregnant at 15. Conflicted to tell her child's father, Jude picks up Lucy from school and begins to homeschool her until further notice. To save money, Lucy gives birth at a lying-in clinic. Suddenly, Lucy "passes" out and the baby goes missing. Someone had kidnapped the newborn. The accomplices tell Lucy that her baby had died after birth, showing her a dead infant. Three years later, Lucy attends college then visits her daughter's grave everyday. There she meets with her old friends again, including Natsu. Will she tell him about their supposedly dead child? Meanwhile, a 3-year-old little girl grew up in the poor side of town. Dirty, abused, starving, Leah walks through town, escaping from her abusive foster parents. There she comes across a woman named Lucy Heartfillia, who helps her get cleaned up and makes sure she is healthy. On another day she meets Natsu Dragneel, who feeds and entertains her. Leah has no idea she just met her real parents. Will she find out soon enough? Will Natsu and Lucy find out their child is indeed alive? *CONCEPT INSPIRED BY FILIPINO DRAMA CALLED MY DEAR HEART* Anything similar to other stories/fics are purely coincidental. I've been thinking of this idea ever since I started watching My Dear Heart, and it's about time I start this! •••ART CREDITS: Kaleia, Whiteolove Hemlock, Fairy-Mage, Hiro Mashima!! All art is not mine :) highest rankings! #1 in naluau (feb 22 2019) #26 in natsudragneel (feb 23 2019) #1 in ft (mar 20 2019) #1 in nalufanfiction (mar 27 2019) #35 in lucy (april 25 2019) #24 in natsu (april 25 2019) #20 in lucyheartfilia (may 5 2019) #5 in fairytailfanfiction (may 17 2019) #5 in lucyxnatsu (aug 21 2019) #13 in natsuxlucy (aug 23 2019)

Chapter 1 // 15 And Pregnant

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Our Long...
by _thefairytailnalu_