The Unexpected Futu...
By TheSecretWriterr94
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"Wait.. am I seriously falling for her?" -Unknown •••• Hi, my name is Maya Cooper, you might know my dad, Harris Cooper. Who he is or what he does is not important right now. What is, is the fact that I'm doing my senior year at a new school. In Chicago. I'm a timid girl, afraid to speak up. But be aware.. take a step back when I do. Yes my father was unreligious when he married my mom. If he still is unreligious, you may ask? You'll have to find that out throughout the story. I barely have any family left. Dad's side doesn't want anything to do with us and we only have my uncle Saïd from my mother's side. I'm not complaining though, I've seen people turn on their own blood. Choose your own family.. •• Hi, I'm Max. I was born in an unstable home, 18 years ago. My mom was a drug addict. Emphasis on 'was'. She's not anymore, not since my father left. Sorry, stepfather. Yup I only found out recently that the guy who raised me, never was my real father. My mother lied to me for over 18 years. How I found out? I'll tell you that later. The important thing right now is confronting the jerk that left me with someone who could never be a real father figure. Someone who made sure I, like him, was destined for hell. Sigh. Let's began, shall we. •••• Nothing in this book may be copied or reproduced. All rights reserved. Loosen up and be open-minded. This book sometimes addresses religions, but it isn't meant to preach anything. Enjoy ♡


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The Unexp...
by TheSecretWriterr94