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After barely fighting off a fleet of Galra ships, Voltron lands on the planet Toumia that is surrounded by three suns, humbly expecting thanks, gratitude, and food. Not necessarily in that order. However, as soon as they land on the ground, the leader of the Ibhe Htua, Pedagogue Tuaste, tells them that they did a good job, but there's a lot to learn before they even have a hope of defeating Zarkon and his evil empire. Grudgingly, they accept her offer to train them. However, a new threat to the universe arises soon after they land on Toumia, one that is completely unrelated to Zarkon and the Galra Empire. One of the many societies on the planet with purple grass has developed a way to help the universe, but the Voltron Team knows that this will do anything but help the universe, and that they must stop it at all costs. Together, the five Paladins make up Voltron, Defender of the Universe. And what do defenders of the universe do? They defend it. * * * The timeline for this fanfiction within seasons 1-2 of VLD are unknown, for reasons that will be clear by the end of this particular fanfiction. As such, the characters will know how to do certain things, and not know other things. Because of this, there will be spoilers for some things but not others, and seeing as this happens somewhere within the spacetime between the episodes of seasons 1 and 2. It's weird. Hang with me, it'll all make sense by chapter sixteen. Maybe fifteen. I haven't written that far out yet. And just as a forewarning: in this, I will be doing several play-on-word jokes that may seem offensive. THEY ARE NOT. Google the meanings of said words, and you'll see why I made them, if you're that mad. They're funny, mostly because of the reactions of the characters. Also, don't take this too seriously. There is literally no forth wall in this, which is really fun to write. Good luck, and may the Force be with you.

Chapter One

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by Allie_Luthel