The Hawthorne Effec...
By soberboyblues
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There's only one thing that annoys Dan Adams more than a cliché, and it's the fact that in the past few months his life has actually become one. After falling for the notorious Charlie Hawthorne, he starts living out the age-old cliché of the high school nobody falling in love with the high school jock. Dan assumes the story starts and ends with his unrequited feelings for Charlie, but when a school trip to London rolls around and he ends up having to share a room with the boy, he quickly becomes aware that a much different ending may be on the cards. Follow Dan as his life is turned upside down and inside out - all thanks to one particular boy and his ocean blue eyes. ***COMPLETED MARCH 20TH 2019***

Chapter 1 - Cliches.

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The Hawth...
by soberboyblues