The Vampire and the...
By taytay3212
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Zoey is a 17 year old girl with Metastatic Cancer (cancer that spreads to all parts of the body) it started in her lymph nodes and spread to her bloodstream to her lungs and liver. she is a new student at Forks High school this year her parents want her to go to the best specialist in the country to get treatment Carlisle Cullen. what will happen if she meets Emmett, Edward, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper? Emmett Cullen is a vampire posing as a 18 year old. when he turned he thought Rosalie was his blood Singer. but she's not. He's been looking for his for 73 years with no luck. That's until Alice gets a vision. then he hears from Carlisle that he got a new patient named Zoey that might not make it and that she's his 'age'. The next morning he meets her. His blood Singer. Zoey Washington. He's happy he finally found her. but she's a human. And from what he can tell a very sick one at that. what will he do when she gets worse? Will he save her or let her rest at peace?


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The Vampi...
by taytay3212