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By Jaethefallenhuman
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"I'm in love with you." You stood outside his door on the brink of tears, but you were determined to make him hear you. The door opened revealing G shirtless, and Frisk standing not too far behind him. "What?" his voice came out like a whisper. And there you were, mortified. You're best friends with G and Sans, but you want to be more than friends with G. You work in the lab with G, Alphys, and Sans on the surface. Everything was fine, but as soon as she came back your world was never the same. Will your love be unrequited? Will you lose control? Or will you... [Load] or {Save*} Gastersans is NOT my original character ! He was created by Borurou Undertale was created by Toby Fox Highest rankings (08/11/2018) #6 Gastersansxreader #20 Gsans #21 Determination #24 Gastersans

Chapter 1

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by Jaethefallenhuman