Tone Deaf
By TheQuinnEvans
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Devon Pine and Kyle Carter are two of the biggest stars of their generation. They have sold millions of records each and have girls chasing them from all around the world. They're also sworn enemies; each others' biggest competition. They've never met, but aware of the other's success, and are determined to beat each other in the game. However, when the two boys finally meet, the rivalry is forgotten. They get along instantly, and become fast friends. In no time, the world recognizes them as pop music's favorite bromance and everyone loves them as such. They do everything together, and it makes girls squeal even more knowing that their two favorite heartthrobs are best friends. But as both of their careers continue to grow and the friendship starts to grow into something more, something deeper, something neither of them expected, there doesn't seem to be a place in the industry for a relationship like theirs and they struggle to figure out which is more important - their love for music or their love for each other.


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Tone Deaf
by TheQuinnEvans