Villain Todoroki x...
By pokepawz
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Todoroki Shouto, a year after he graduated from U.A, got a big twist in his life which made him join the League of Villains. Everyone feared the powerful Shouto, even the leader of the League. Shouto is using the pain from his past, to do crimes and kill. He was mostly after the #2 Hero, Endavor. Shouto's own father. He wanted to take revenge. One day Shouto was standing in front of Endavor about to end his life, when a (h/c) girl at the same age as him, jumped out in front of him to try stop him. Shouto usually kills who gets in his way for his crimes. But this girl, he looked into her desperate eyes filled with fear.. he couldnt kill her.

Chapter 1 - The beginning

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Villain T...
by pokepawz