Escape from Cirices...
By tytoalba12
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[COMPLETE] When Cirices is threatened to be overtaken by a neighbouring, larger town, Merope, anxiety, panic and depression rises in Cirices. When Abigail's parents arrange her to escape Cirices, she has no choice but to if she doesn't want to be captured by the cruel and merciless Meropians and imprisoned. Abigail and her friends, Lokeyia and Magda are drawn along with her and they escape together. Abigail and her friends have to live in the wilderness for months and take treacherous measures to survive. "Escape from Cirices is a mind catching and enchanting story that will draw any reader in and give them excitement as the foursome run from the Meropian police force and embark on exciting adventures. Thank you to Camila Hunter for writing such and extraordinary story!" -Indigo Crimson @MeerkatArchitect "When I hear the word 'adventure', I think of Escape from Cirices. When I hear 'archery' I think of a red-headed girl with green eyes shooting a skunk. I think of her friends, and Abigail having a feast. Escape from Cirices is something I will never forget." -Lynx Cat @lynxcat101 "An unforgettable, thrilling adventure book that I recommend every wattpad user read. I can't put it down." -Lily Amy Davids @exampleiphone8 Highest ranking #168 in Adventure 1st Winner of Mystic Awards 2017 © Just a reminder that Escape from Cirices Part 1 is copyright. This story, nor any part of it should be copied without my written permission. Sorry the cover is awfully blurred ;( Part 2 below:


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Escape fr...
by tytoalba12