The Soul Record of...
By JamieTully
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"This is my Soul Record of how I, Jay Grimson, defended the Peace Treaty of the Supernatural Races." - Jay Grimson (Astral), Peace Agent of the Supernatural Council. The Year is 2017, Donald Trump is President and the Supernatural Live amongst us. They hide from Humanity to prevent another Witch Hunt from occurring, for the Previous Witch Hunt of the 15th Century nearly caused the down fall of all Supernatural Life. And so the Supernaturals formed a Peace Treaty with Each Other, which was to remove all traces of Supernaturals from the sight of Humanity, and so they became nothing but Myths and Bedtime Stories. All that Humans remember are Pale Imitations of the Truely Monstrous Supernaturals. The Supernatural Races of the Peace Treaty consist of; Astrals, Celestials, Faeries, Vampires and Werewolves. These Races formed a Global Government to rule the Supernatural as a whole. But unfortunately, not all Supernaturals agreed with the Treaty, some sought to wage War with Humanity, and thus were locked away into hidden Prisons around the Globe, to protect the Peace Treaty. This is the Record of how Jay Grimson saved the City of Edinburgh, The Capital City of Scotland. How he discovered a Hidden Threat which was lurking deep within the City streets. A Threat that was transforming Ordinary Humans into Supernaturals, something once thought Impossible. But Jay Grimson has a Deadly Secret, a Secret that carrys a Death Sentence if discovered. Jay Grimson is a Forbidden Variation of the Astral Species, He is a Reaper, Devourer of Souls. Every Race has Variations which are more Predatory than the Usual Kind, and so all the races agreed to kill all Variations to prevent a War from breaking out. Peace Agents are tasked with exterminating any discovered Variations, making them the Hidden Blade of the Supernatural Council. As a Peace Agent, Jay Grimson is in a Dangerous Situation, because if he is discovered, His own Friends will murder him without a Second Thought.

Prologue - What Took You so Long?

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The Soul...
by JamieTully