Now And Then (TVD S...
By Gerlithequeen
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Name : Adelaide Petrova Age: 20/546 Birth date: 1471 Adelaide Petrova. The Last name says it all. She's Katherine's older sister. She got thrown out with Katherine. Adelaide and Katherine aren't exactly what you would call sister goals. Katherine messed up too many times with Adelaide. Adelaide comes back but how will she react when her feelings for one of the brothers come back? It doesn't help that they both have feelings for the same girl. A girl who looks exactly like her sister. Adelaide never liked the way Katherine played the brothers. Expecialy not since she had feelings for Stefan and even though Katherine knew she still kept playing. Feelings are coming back, relationships are made, secrets are getting kept. I don't own TVD nor the pictures i will post. I only own Alessia and her storyline.

1.1 "I'm Back"

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Now And T...
by Gerlithequeen