Are you my Daddy? [...
By Hime_chan10
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Haruhi Fujioka and the twins finally graduated at Ouran Academy with top marks. Tamaki Suoh and the other host club members decided to host a party to celebrate the three teen's graduation at the Nekozawa beach house. At the party, Haruhi accidentally drank champagne because she thought it was apple cider. The next day, Haruhi wakes up in bed with no clothes on herself and no memories of what happened last night. Embarrassed of the situation she's in, she decided to leave the Nekozawa beach house and quickly lose contact with the Host Club. Five years later, Haruhi is a proud single mother of a beautiful five-year-old little girl named Misaki Fujioka. She loves Misaki with all of her heart and is worried that someday Misaki is going to ask her who her father is. Sadly, Haruhi herself doesn't know who the father of her child is. One day, Haruhi and Misaki went out shopping at the mall when they were spotted by the host club who were hanging out. When the host club find out that Haruhi is a mother and that she doesn't know who Misaki's father is, they decided to help her out not knowing that one of them is Misaki's father. I do not own this story except for Misaki Fujioka. - Started on July 19, 2017

Ch. 1 Graduation party

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Are you m...
by Hime_chan10