The Boy I Hate
By juliawithlove
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The year is 1996. In a wealthy Vermont city, the east and west rivalry runs deep - the most substantial feud being that between West Port High's star pitcher and East Port Academy's best batter. Throughout their high school careers, Charles Turner and Richard White have involved their teams in the most high-stakes prank war Sugarport has ever seen. Little does anyone realize that as far as Charlie and Rich are concerned, it's about more than baseball. Mabel Abram wants nothing more than to fight by her boyfriend's side in the prank war of all prank wars. After all, she hates Charles as much as Richard does. Unfortunately for her, the girls have always been left out of it on the east side. That was, until now. When Richard discovers someone's been sharing his secrets with Charles, he retaliates by recruiting his girlfriend to do the opposite. Mabel finds herself playing double agent, pretending to befriend the boy she hates. Might it become increasingly confusing which side she's really on?

The Boy I Hate

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The Boy I...
by juliawithlove