Captain Underpants...
By AlyssaCruz1834
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(Y/N) was a regular high school girl, she was a fangirl, a smart girl, and she's well, she's many things and mostly, she's an artist, a writer and she's kinda childish and she loves all of captain underpants. But at home she's not herself much because, of divorce parents, a drunk mother and a brother who left and you don't see anymore, one day after and argument with her mom about growing up, she wished she can be in a place where she can be herself. And she woke up as a little girl again and she was in the captain underpants universe and now she lives with one of the characters and she attends the same school as the characters in captain underpants. And she even met George, Harold, and Melvin, but some of their attitudes starts to change a bit and they acted strangely. And their is a new super evil villian in town and since she's in the captain underpants universe, she's in a world of danger, action, and evil. Will she be safe from harm? Will she be able to help our heroes? Will she ever go back home? Will she choose someone? Will she be able to help captain underpants? Read to find out.

Meet (Y/N) (L/N) and the beginning

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Captain U...
by AlyssaCruz1834