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By Leed21
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- Book One of The BrightStone Saga - In a dying and repressed world, a cruel and deranged king controls his kingdom with his death squads. East, on the outer edges of Kankor valley, there lies a small village where a strange occurrence begins. Aurora is a girl in some eyes, a woman in others. Shy but beautiful, she is unexpectedly thrust into the harsh world of men, magic and death. She will face hardship and loss on her journey to find the meaning behind an ancient evil that has arisen once again. An evil that promises to terrify and destroy all of Antar and its people. *** Transport yourself to Antar, a ruined and barren world, but a world filled with the marvels of magic, the bleakness of battle, with the realities of life and death. And only one thing; that has been buried for 900 years can save it all. Copyright © 2017 Lee Dawson | All rights reserved. Word count - 173,000 ⛬ This is the first installment of my epic fantasy series 'The BrighStone Saga'. It is a work in progress and will be edited once I have uploaded it in full. I would also love to hear from you all, so feel free to comment good or bad and any votes would be very much appreciated.

-Author Note & Copyright-

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by Leed21