First Anniversary o...
By TheWitchAndTheCat
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First Anniversary of the Sexy and the Beast: Special One-Shot. WARNING: The one-shot is about Travis and Alexi from "Fire and Ice" and I would advise you to first read the story, in case you haven't, or else you will spoil the surprises and reading. Second WARNING: it contains mature contents and boyxboy action; as you can see it is R-rated. This is a SPECIAL Travis and Alexi ONE-SHOT I created to celebrate 1 YEAR of "Fire and Ice", since exactly one year ago I posted the first chapter of the story. I want to thank all of you, my dear fans and readers, for your amazing support and enthusiasm, and I thought writing this would be the best way. The one-shot is about our Travis and Alexi celebrating their first anniversary and what else to say? Nothing much, as we all know how the "Sexy" and the "Beast" deeply and crazily love each other. Thank you Maria231000 for the cover and banners!

First Anniversary of the Sexy and the Beast: Special One-Shot

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First Ann...
by TheWitchAndTheCat