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By asher_rose
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Book 2 of it started with you. Highest ranking #323 in teen fiction - "Please help her! Don't let her die please!" Leah screams as the tears build in her eyes with the most pain I've ever seen anyone in. "She's flatlining!" The doctor yells and he begins to shock her chest but it doesn't do anything and her heartbeat is still gone. After a couple tries the doctor stops and looks at cam and Leah in agony. "Do something! Why did you stop?!" Cameron yells as he reaches for the paddles. The doctor holds him back and Cameron screams and fights to get by him. "STOP! She's gone! You can't save her! I'm sorry." The doctor says and Cameron wraps his hands in his hair as he falls to the ground and sobs. All I can do is stand here in shock as the scene plays out in front of me. - Join me again to tell this emotional roller coaster that is the tragic life of Asher hill, Baylor Campbell, Cameron jones, and Leah Michelle. - Book started Jan 20, 2020

01. Truth comes out

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It ends w...
by asher_rose