Chads little sister
By bgcputa
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What happens if chads sister comes back from California to east high. With her brother who's so over protective of her who will she fall for? will old feeling star back? while enemies start? Read to find out ''Is this the Bolten household'' she spoke. ''yeah what do you need '' Troy said . ''since I was wondering if Chad Danforth was here'' she responded. '' he's here what do you need him for'' troy said. '' I'm his sister'' the girl said. I walked from behind Troy and the door. ''Natalie is that you'' I asked. ''yeah, you can't even recognized your own sister'' Natalie said. I went in to give my sister a big brotherly hug. ''your never leaving me again for a long time'' I said to Natalie while hugging her. ''I promise that to Chad I've missed you way to much.'

Natalie danforth

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Chads lit...
by bgcputa