Higher Feeling
By embloomfields
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Harry reached out and tucked my hair behind my ear. The tender gesture was followed by his soft lips brushing against mine. "You alright, Angel?" I smiled sleepily, his familiar husky voice soothing the residual anxiety from my bad dream. Harry frowned. "Sasha?" "I'm alright." I shuffled closer to him under the duvet. "Do you ever wonder if things have been going too well? I'm scared we are getting too comfortable and -" "Baby, stop waiting for the next bad thing to happen. Everything is perfect." Harry spoke with such authority, as if because he said the words, they would be true. Maybe he truly believed it. But I knew better. Happiness didn't come without sacrifice or heartache and I wasn't waiting for something bad to happen - I was preparing for it because it was inevitable. I could only hope that unlike my nightmares, Harry and I would weather whatever storm blew our way. Sequel to Pure Feeling.

smooth sailing

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Higher Fe...
by embloomfields