Mischievous Maverick
By FanGirlFreak91
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Ranked number 3 in #Ramsey as of 11/2019 Ranked number 6 in #TejParker 2/2020 Eve's story continues as the crew gathers together again to steal an EMP from a heavily guarded facility. Dom, for reasons unknown, goes rogue and all former ties to family are seemingly forgotten. A lot has changed since Brian, Mia and the kids left the scene. Ramsey and Roman are going strong, while Eve and Tej seem to have hit a bump in the road. Mr. Nobody is none too happy about the new path his little girls life has taken since he sent Dom's crew to rescue the girls from Jakande months ago. He and Eve still have their strained relationship, but each one is trying... In their own way. This is a sequel to Raging Rebel, which follows the events of Furious 7. Mischievous Maverick follows the events of Fate of the Furious. I suggest reading RR first.

1: First Fight?

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by FanGirlFreak91