The Girl With The W...
By xTheConverseGirl
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Rayne is a 17 year old girl with a lot of secrets she has promised to never tell anyone. Having to deal with so much pain by herself, she feels like she is going to break. Until one night while attending a party she runs into a problem and a certain bad boy helps her out. Cole is an 18 year old boy with the perfect life. Or so everyone thinks. Hiding behind a mask of arrogance and sarcasm, he thinks he has everyone in the palm of his hand. That is until one night at a party he runs into The Girl With The White Shoes. Will Cole be able to help her conquer her fears or will she shut him out like everyone else? The Girl With The White Shoes isn't anyone to mess with. Watch what happens when they want a battle and she gives them a war. °•°•°•° An exciting story of young love, gangs, heartbreak, and plot twists of all kinds. The Girl With The White Shoes xTheConverseGirl


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The Girl...
by xTheConverseGirl