Dragon Given - Book...
By Nandi_taylor
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**2018 Wattys Worldbuilders Award Winner!** A tribal princess travels abroad to study magic, where she encounters an arrogant shape-shifting dragon who claims they belong together. But this dragon has literally met his match, as his princess refuses to stand for his possessive behavior. Can these two stubborn personalities find love in the end? *** "What's your name?" His deep voice was the perfect match to his size. Was this really the dragon who had cornered her earlier? Yes, Yenni could believe it. There was something powerful about him, as if he radiated heat. And sections of his hair shone violet in the sunlight. She stood straighter. "I am Yenni-Ajani-Femi ka Yirba," she answered. "I'm from the Sha...no. Moonrise-" She gasped as the man lifted her up like she was a clay doll, buried his warm face against her neck, and sniffed. She was too shocked to stop him. He put her down and stared. "It's really you," he said, and then frowned. "But you're so small," he whined. "I can't have any fun with you I'll break you in half! You're like a little bird. Look at this, your thigh is the size of my arm." He reached for her. Yenni struck out like a hood snake, kicking his arm away. "For the blessing of Bian!" he roared. She yanked her spear off her back and pointed it at him. "Understand that if you touch me again I will run you through." He looked absolutely perplexed. "But...you're my Given!"

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Dragon Gi...
by Nandi_taylor