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**2018 Wattys Worldbuilders Award Winner!** Yenni, a princess of the Yirba tribe, has never feared a challenge. After a year of watching her father waste away to a mysterious illness she sets off for the empire of Cresh, where she'll attend their top magic academy and find a way to save him. But abroad she faces hardships she couldn't have imagined: culture shock, prejudice, and a brash, shape-shifting dragon who claims they belong together. What's more her Gods, the Sha, are watching. Should she succeed in her journey and please them, she'll win her people their utmost blessings. But should she fail she will incite the Sha's wrath and face exile. Weysh, as dragonkind, has never lacked for female companionship. So when Yenni-his Given of all women-rejects him, it seems like a cosmic joke. Meeting his Given should be his chance to start over, to have the family he's always wanted, but he's made a bad first impression, and if the two of them have anything in common, it's their hardheaded natures. But as it turns out they have much more in common than that.

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by Nandi_taylor