Moon Bound (Forgott...
By AMLKoski
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~~~~~ Book Five of the Forgotten Series. ~~~~~ It is a dark path. ~~~~~ It had been the warning Lynn's mother had given her when she told her she wanted to be a white witch. The words had come softly but with a sharp edge and Lynn just assumed her mother was upset that she would not be following in the family footsteps in being a green witch. Her entire life had been filled with magic and potions and the scent of something otherworldly as her mother worked the earthy magic she had always held. However at the edges of her mind Lynn had the darkness whispering to her, promising her warmth and protection and so she sought it out. She joined a coven and found the warmth of the dark and embraced it. It felt like a part of her, as if her soul had been taken in and loved by those seeking shadows. It would have remained that way forever if not for her duties to the Hunters. ~~~~~ It will break your heart. ~~~~~ Bastian needed a witch, one who could remove his memories, so he sought out the white striped witch who lived in the middle of it all and took her. Its was a choice that will change their lives, tangling their fates together until not even the gods could sort it out. ~~~~~ Choose wisely. ~~~~~ Lynn's mother warned her that it was a dark path that would break her heart and when Lynn finds herself tied to an Alpha shifter male she comes to learn just how true that warning holds.


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Moon Boun...
by AMLKoski