My Wild Cowboy and I
By Rixtide
  • Romance
  • barrelracing
  • bronc
  • bullriding
  • cattle
  • city
  • country
  • cowboy
  • cowgirl
  • crazylovestory
  • dirt
  • hot
  • hotboys
  • love
  • lovestory
  • muddy
  • ranch
  • rebel
  • reckless
  • rodeo
  • romance
  • roping
  • steer
  • texas
  • tough
  • wild


Arizona James, the experienced rodeo girl, just moved from her small town in Tennessee to a huge ranch in Austin, Texas. Attending a school that's a half hour a way from her ranch, she expects to meet stuck up, city-slickers. Only she's rudely awakened by the fact that she's not the only wild country girl in her school. The shockingly high level of competition in team roping and barrel racing at her first rodeo in Texas takes her by surprise. As well does meeting the 2 boys who will forever change her life. Dario Colbet is the bull riding, playboy at Northwood High School. Riding a bull and sweet talking a girl are the same for him, because he can do both in 8 seconds. Except when he meets the 'new girl' at Northwood, she's more than just the average spitfire that he's normally used to dealing with. Bronson Pate is the tie-down roping and steer wrestling cowboy of the school. With his All-American sweetheart attitude, he has all the girls swooning for his attention. But Bronson hasn't quite found the "perfect" girl, he's been looking for. Until he meets the 'new girl' at Northwood. In this bronc stoppin' good of a book, we see a love story unfold, with a few spins and snaps along the way. Copyrighted to @Rixtide. All forms of characters, descriptions, and plots are copyrighted to @Rixtide. This story is shared freely for enjoyment, not for stealing characters, descriptions, and plots, or using in a way that copies this form of text.

Chapter 1: I'm already late

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My Wild C...
by Rixtide