The Perfect Match (...
By silver_wings07
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Currently in Hot list. Highest Rank in romance - #9 as of 16th October 2017 Second highest rank in Romance - #11 as of 17th October 2017___ A sacrifice is what Amaya did eight years back to save her family's reputation. Little did she know that her life was never going to be the same. Today, i.e eight years later, she feels she has moved on and is doing good in life...but really is she doing good? Arjun was the rising business tycoon then and today, he is a name almost everyone fears. He is an insanely rich billionaire with killer looks and an attitude no one can match. No one wants to be his prey. He is arrogant, sport ,aaa smart and every woman's desire. In he is panty dropping sexy and rich. One fine day, Amaya's biggest nightmare comes alive when she comes face to face with her past again. She breaks that instant. Arjun...the name that can put her body on nails comes back into her life. But why? What was their story? Why did Amaya had to do a sacrifice? Who was Arjun and why did she fear her past? From whom did she move on? Do you want to know what happens between the two of them? Read their story...The Perfect Match. ___ This book is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance to any character, fictional, living or dead is totally fictitious. This book amounts my two years of imagination. Please don't spoil it by plagiarizing the stuff!


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The Perfe...
by silver_wings07