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Sara Andrews has always had image issues but now that she's a senior in high school everything seems to be falling apart around her. When she finally confides in a teacher the school brings in a young British counselor right out of school in hopes that she can open up to him. Harry Styles is 22 year old and fresh out of college, he left his mom and sister behind in England to attend his dream school. The August after graduating he's offered a job as a high school counselor. Harry, being raised by a single mother surrounded by women seems like a good fit to get Sara to open up but what happens when she pushes back? What happens when Harry realizes there is so much more to her then meets the eye? ______ This is an AU fanfic, I do not own nor reserve the right to any of these names or places. The story however is 100% mine and if you steal it I will hunt you, I will find you and I will make you pay! ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ There will be assloads of cursing and mature content so read responsibly.

Meet the cast.

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by shyla_stories