One In A Milyon 3 (...
By RoialWriting
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Copyright © 2014 All Copy Rights Reserved *READ 'One In A Milyon' and 'One In A Milyon 2' BEFORE READING THIS. Once again, Milyon's life is in shambles. Carti is fighting for his life while Milyon received some news that could potentially be her downfall. Milyon waits day after day for Carti to awake from his coma, but nothing. Shy and Mace are still messing around, but that's all it is-- messing around. Both of them are waiting on the other to make the next move. Shy is the one to make the next move but it isn't regarding their relationship. She grows tired of not doing anything with her life and depending on Mace all the time. She wants to make her own money. Mace lets her into his hectic world while he takes on Carti's role as boss. He decides that he wants more money and steps up his game. But he continues to look over his shoulder as he still has enemies out there and never know when they'll strike. What happens when everyone is in their own world but they all become tangled up in the same madness?

One In A Milyon 3 (Urban Fiction)

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One In A...
by RoialWriting