How to Reform a Rak...
By AerithSage
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[Zeus x Hera] (Note: Rake is an old term for player) For thousands of years, the Queen of the Gods has put up with her philandering, arrogant, conceited and uncaring husband. She became known as a jealous and vindictive queen. But turning your husband's mistresses into a cow was justified, right? But what happens when she reaches the end of her rope? Hera, the Queen of the Gods who also happens to be the Goddess of Marriage decides that she's had enough. She leaves Zeus and all of Olympus behind so that she could go to the Mortal Realm and experience a different kind of life. She reinvents herself and finally gets to do the things she longed to do. Finally, she was free! But as they say: you don't realize what you have until it is gone. Zeus, the King of the Gods, wants Hera back in his life. This time, he decides to turn all his charms to wooing his wife and gaining her back. But will Hera be his wife and queen again? Will she be able to change the set ways of the King of the Gods and reform the rake in him? ***Credits to @DarkLeague for the cover***

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How to Re...
by AerithSage