Heart of a Beast
By Joflower
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[COMPLETE] "There's no love in coercion." --- Crystal was an omega born of beta blood. A werewolf without a wolf. A burden on the pack and unworthy of love. Tiberius was a rogue on a rampage. A lycan trapped in his beast form. A curse bound to destroy him. Soulmates. But the curse rendered Tiberius incapable of speaking and Crystal unable to feel the effects of the matebond. With time running out, they must turn to each other, overcome their inner demons, and free themselves of the curse before the next lunar eclipse. But who could love a beast when his own mate did not love herself? --- "God, I love this man. I love this story! No overbearing, aggressive alphas manipulating their mates. This is just pure love and trying to understand and respect [each other] and it's beautiful." -- ajae_jackson "Hands down the best book I've read this year. You can always expect quality work from this author." -- footballrules3564 --- This is the only accompanying novel to the "Heart of Stone" series by Jo Lee Hunt (Joflower) that can be read on its own and takes place after the last book. You do not have to read "Heart of Stone" to understand this story, though it is recommended to read "Heart of Stone" first if you plan to read it at any time in the future. HEART OF STONE SERIES: - Heart of Stone (Parts I & II) - Heart of Stone (Part III) - Heart of a Beast - Heart of a Knight (Coming 2020) *WINNER in the werewolf genre of the 2018 Flower's Awards*

Heart of a Beast

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by Joflower