To Try Again | Dive...
By breannefaith
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ALLEGIANT SPOILERS! After Tris's death, Tobias goes to see her in the weapons lab. When he gets there, he realizes that he went only to be greeted with the same fate. What happens when they get a second chance at life? Will they take it? Will they be able to save the ones they love? Read to find out. One choice gives you a second chance. One choice kills you for good. One choice changes everything. I am not good at summaries. Hopefully the story is better! This is my first story! FourTris! ❤️ Edit (01/23/19): It's been over a year since I began this fanfiction. My writing has improved greatly, and you guys always make my day. Thanks guys. 💞 Edit (4/14/20): ew. PLEASE DONT READ THIS. THE WRITING IS TERRIBLE. I WAS THIRTEEN, AND THIS IS NO LONGER BEING UPDATED. TY

Chapter 1

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To Try Ag...
by breannefaith