Fear [ Negan x Re...
By Ruxxrux4
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She was going to kill him, just like he killed her comrades; no remorse. (Y/N) found herself caught between Alexandria and The Sanctuary, as Negan took her hostage. While still wanting to kill him, she got to find more about the man, his past, his way of thinking and acting. Maybe he wasn't at all that bad. Even if her ideas changed, a so primal and needed feeling, fear, still lingered in her mind, and she had to choose what her next move would be. "Him choking her like that, with Spencer's dried up blood on his face was almost horrifying, but her heart was pumping ice cold blood through her veins, so she could no longer feel fear for the man." "She had sunshine in her heart and clouds in her head, and that was messing her up gravely."

1. Meet The Man

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Fear [...
by Ruxxrux4