Bad-Tempered Heroes...
By Hunter_Yonk
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It all starts with a grocery list and ends up with a war. A hero and a villain are left to save the world. 🥀 Rose Edwine thinks jokes solve all of her problems. In a modern world surrounded by scattered illegal magic, powerful terrorists and badass technology, a simple human like her isn't expected to do much heroic stuff besides existing, chewing waffles and avoiding security cameras. After all, her last name has more enemies than the world has bad politicians. But never mind that. With a sarcastic view upon life and incapacity to do amazing stuff properly, odds are about to change, the moment her curiosity takes over fear. And courage... over sanity. 🕴Tyler Anderson hates this dumb magic. He hates being the villain in everyone's story, alongside his unbearable best friend and overly sadistic superior. But there's nothing he can do, right? Not when the secret terrorist organization he's part of plans to bring magic back into people's daily lives... and kill everyone else in the process. When beliefs are thrown out of the window, the impossible meets all the requirements, and voices start arguing in your head, the next steps are simple: demarcate good guys from the bad guys, find out the truth about magic's past... and save the planet in the process. And how better to do that than with a few powerful idiots, flying harmonicas and some samurais? One thing is sure: all hell breaks loose. While a lot of people laugh about it. Dragons included. *** Humor & Mystery combined in an action packed urban-fantasy world! ⚠️Warning! The concept is that of a slow burn humor plot that will suddenly turn dramatic and with lots of action. They want you to laugh and relax while reading... when suddenly, things are not fun anymore. Teehee. 14+ for Language & Mild violence Copyright © 2019 by Hunter_Yonk °Book Cover made on Canvas, all pictures are from google° #TheMintAwards #TheMintys2019 #TCA


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