Witch Hunt || Stuck...
By -hawkwing
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-- Stucky witch AU -- It's 1735, and Bucky Barnes is being hunted down for being a witch - which to be fair, is exactly what he is. Witchcraft has always been in James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes's blood, and because of that, he's being hunted down. Townsfolk aren't so keen on witchcraft like Bucky is, and they believe that anyone who practises witchcraft is to be burned at the stake, or hanged until dead. Thankfully Bucky is good at blending in, and no one in this new town he's travelled to from far has any suspicion at all that he's a witch. Steven Rogers is the town's black smith, and lives alone with his two daughters, Grace and Elizabeth, after his wife had passed away. Steve is a simple man, just trying to supply for his two young daughters as best as he can. All he wants is a normal life, and to just care for his daughters like his wife wanted. But as soon as he finds Bucky asleep in his barn, his life turns into anything but normal. Word Count: 45k

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Witch Hun...
by -hawkwing