Unite: The Broken W...
By lionobsession
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Ithemia, a human girl snatched from Earth, has been waiting for the day she becomes an official citizen of Anohi. For ten long years, she remained isolated in her chambers as the secret daughter of Queen Hyenhu, until the day finally arrives. When she meets Aferilon and his companions, Ithemia is revealed the truth about the world. It is a world divided by hate. Each kingdom hides itself away, scared of the outsiders that threaten their traditions and their people. Ithemia strives for peace, but when trusted allies fall, and hate rises up to meet her, will she succeed? *** Unite is the first book in the high fantasy trilogy, The Broken World. Completed. Rated PG13 for scenes of (non-graphic) suicide and mild violence. *** Previously featured in Wattpad's Fantasy! Contests and Awards: 1st Places Fantasy - the Phantom Awards Fantasy - the Titan Awards Fantasy - the Blue Rose Awards Fantasy - the Melodramatic Awards Fantasy - the Millennial Awards 2nd Places Fantasy - the Spotlight Awards Adventure - the Phoenix Wars Fantasy - the Royalty Awards Fantasy - the Sinne Awards Fantasy - the Butterfly Awards Fantasy - the Winter Rose Awards 'Monstrous Mistress' - the Winter Solstice Awards 'War' - the Monthly Gemstone Awards 3rd Places Fantasy - the Wolf Awards Action/Adventure - the Firework Awards Fantasy - the Zodiac Awards Others Grand Winner - the Phantom Awards Book of the Month - the Red Feather Awards Best World Building - the Titan Awards Best Grammar - the Titan Awards Wordsmith - the Phoenix Wars

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Unite: Th...
by lionobsession