If you lost love on...
By CosmosLaurenaz
  • Romance
  • angel
  • bell
  • blossom
  • bubbles
  • ppg
  • ppnkg
  • prince
  • princesses
  • rrb
  • vampire


This story has vampires,demons,werewolf's, and angels. This story is mostly about the blue ppg Bubbles it contains the rest of the ppg to, just Bubbles well its mostly about her because she is the youngest of 7 sisters and the wickets. O and the girls are 17 but he boys are 20. And vampires are the ruffs, the demons are the rocks, werewolf's are the rude, and the angels are the right. All are princes of their kind and future kings of their kind. Read the story if you want to know what happens. The story has drama romance( some parts of the story is going to be sexy a warning to all of you)

just saying half of the story so you can undestand the rest of the story

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If you lo...
by CosmosLaurenaz