Trust me || Max and...
By rcindrop
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Oh hi I'm Kayleigh Hinton! Im 14 and... well i live in Berkshire, England That's all Nah im kidding -•- I'm British but i was born in America I moved with my mum and step dad to Berkshire when i was 10 Yes, i have a step dad cause ya know I have a step sister who is a year younger than me Well we are not that close -•- When i started secondary school I met friends and basically this "bad boy" And he had a twin which i am kind of friends with? Well the other twin is a good boy that's all i can tell you about me. Now to the story -•- Oh! I have something to say... Well my life sucks Especially when the bad boy who tries to hit me up and calls me some names like "love" I know he's faking cause he obviously hates me Or is he?

Chapter ONE ♡

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Trust me...
by rcindrop