Can I trust you (Le...
By Djspine
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This is a Leon X oc . In this story a 15 tear old girl named Nhuilis a super human she has skills and knowledge , her weapons on choice are twin samurai blades and a shot gun , she graduated college at age 9 , she went to the academy at age ten and she became the best in all her classes and top of all the guys there ( cause she is the only girl there at the moment . In the academy I mean ) her dad is dead pool unfortunately for her she did not get his regeneration only his skills . she did however get a really smart and cool brain that hightend her senses . she can hear far like an alpha werewolf , her reflexes are better , she smells things better like and alpha werewolf , ( let's just say dead pool had a werewolf mate ) . enough about Nhuilis I should tell u more about the story . Nhuilis and Leon we as called to the presidents office for a mission and the tow are to work together to retrieve the presidents daughter .

The meeting

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Can I tru...
by Djspine