Alpha's Mate
By RoseKnight21
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When Leanna finds her mate, she isn't prepared. The Alpha is a strong man who requires a strong Luna. But they make it work. Until the rogues begin attacking, tearing the pack apart, the Alpha slowly appearing to lose it all. Until one morning he decides enough is enough; Leanna is too weak to be a proper Luna and rejects her. Stripped of her title and dignity, she's locked away and tortured for months until she finally escapes during the Alpha's ceremony where she learns his new Luna is pregnant. Alone and weakened, she runs across an eccentric vampire who saves her from hunters and brings her to the Hope Lunar, a pack believed to have disappeared decades ago. Her trust in humanity is broken but a war has followed her to their doorstep. She'll have to learn to trust if she's going to survive.


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Alpha's M...
by RoseKnight21