Not Dreaming of You...
By LidyWilks
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Kimberly James always been a sex 'em and leave 'em kind of girl. And though she's willing to play cupid with her BFF Sharon, relationships just aren't for her. Until a wild night of making out in a jacuzzi with the best man, Terrell King, changes all that. Now she's feeling all sorts of feelings which she doesn't have time for because she's trying to start her own nightclub. And is left wondering how her almost one night of crazy didn't stay in Vegas. Terrell King has met the woman of his dreams. Too bad she wants nothing to do with him but remain friends. But their almost one night stand in Vegas only confirmed what he knew for some time. That he's found the future Mrs. Terrell King. And he's going to use everything in his arsenal to make it true. From beating back other brothers away from his woman. Have his mama put in a good word for him. And making her dream come true. He'll even settle for now to be friends with benefits. Because everything will be worth it to turn the one night that almost was into death do you part.


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Not Dream...
by LidyWilks