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Growing up, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were inseparable, but as time went on they were split apart, from beyond their control. Over time, Harry pretty much all but forgot about his childhood best friend. Now he's in high school, still trying to figure himself out. Louis Tomlinson, always kept his faded memories with the curly haired boy close, but he too had moved on. Now he has a very exciting year ahead, teaching English at the local high school, his first year of teaching with his newly earned degree. Both of these seemingly average lives get turned upside down, when Louis realizes his own student Harry, is that missing childhood friend from all the photographs. He feels a connection, a connection he's been missing for a long time, but he knows there isn't much he can do, as any slight move to the boy, could cost him his career and his reputation. Harry on the other hand, has no idea, blind to the boy who he used to rely on, seeing the person now, as just his teacher. After much inner debate with himself, Louis decides he simply cannot ignore the beautiful green eyed boy in front of him each day. So he assigns his class with a very personal assignment, involving photographs from significant moments of their lives. The assignment starts a chain of risky events, and before long, Louis is leaving Harry hints, notes and photographs in hopes to bring Harry to him. Harry just wants to find out who the mystery boy is. Louis just wants to see Harry smile with him again like he used to in those old photographs. Will Harry ever see what's right in front of him? Will Louis be able to contain his feelings for Harry? If Harry ever figures out his long lost childhood friend is his English Teacher, how will he react? Will Louis get the response he so desperately hopes for? Can the boys make new memories, or will they just be stuck with a bunch of photographs? *@Liz_Forever and @ilovehazza19* Beautiful Cover made by @lyricnotes.


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by Thinking--Out--Loud