Blood and Honey (Bo...
By KenzDyer
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~A Wattys and Fiction Award winner* A lion does not need an invitation from a lamb. That is not the way of the predator. Predators take what they want, when they want it, however they please. And this belief that I am, that evil is, enslaved by the dark night is humorous to say the least. Why would any creator make their pupil inept of withstanding the lighted world when this planet is covered in daylight for half of its life span? No, our Maker did not instill such restrictions for, up here on these earthly lands, we are the gods of prey. ~ Tristan There is only one rule vampires must follow--Bite Hard. It is forbidden for humans to know vampires exist so you can imagine Tristan Darkos's surprise when he finds one that knows what he is. He can tell by the tremble of her body, the thump-thump of her pulse, and her dilated pupils. He's going to have to finish what some other vampire started. The problem is when Tristan gets close to this human his blood turns to fire and the thirst that burns in his throat that should spell her doom twists until he's consumed by another need--one that is evocative, primitive, and...wrong. If Tristan doesn't figure out the mystery that is Kinley Shea Rylan, it is certain whatever dark force her honey blood is summoning forth will be the end of him and, possibly, the end of the world as we know it. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Author note: - This is an original work with my take on Vampires. Hope you enjoy it! Blood and Honey Milestones: - Wattpad Featured story 9/20/17 - 2018 Watttys winner~ The Contemporaries - 2018 Fiction Awards winner in Vampire category

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Blood and...
by KenzDyer