Past Love's Triumph...
By katjexia
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They say that my king-father and queen-mother started it all with a blunder, that the King and Queen of Xiu were stupid enough to offend one of the Fey by neglecting to invite her to the celebration of the full month anniversary of my birth. They also say that the weapon of choice was a spinning wheel. A spindle, to be precise. A spinning wheel. As if. In its way, the truth is not so far away from that version of the truth. Elianna didn't say a spindle would kill me, but a spear. A man would break me upon his maleness, hollow out all that I was to create a legacy for him, and I would die in the birthing of that immortality. I could be a princess and then a queen and live, but only if I forsook the feminine side of myself and remained chaste until the end of my days. As I said, the stories tell the truth as they saw it, no? The Fates said I could live chaste or die a mother. I laughed, for dragons make their own fate.

Chapter 1

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Past Love...
by katjexia