The Double Life of...
By RoseMarieBWWM
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SLOW UPDATES Brea Thompson a sweet girl that had it all a good boyfriend a popping best friend and a quiet popular life in school. Until she sees him. Chase Caponi wanted nothing more but to give up the Mafia life. He wanted to entertain and sing instead not live his life looking over his shoulder. The life of the Mafia Don wasn't for him..... or so he thought. When jealousy, Secrets, lies and betrayal all rear its ugly head and threaten the quiet life he's built and the girl he loves. The Don in him steps forward. For her he'd lead a double life until even that secret cant be kept. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hate you." She said tears steaming down her face. "Say it again." I tell her heart beating a million miles I second. "I hate you." She repeated making me blink back tears. "This time say it like you f*ucking mean it." My voice cracks as the tears fall. "I HATE YOU CHASE! I. HATE. YOU." She screamed throwing the jacket I'd given her to wear earlier at her boyfriends game. "Do you feel better now that you've said it with a little base in your voice do you believe it now? Huh?" Standing I pick her up and pin her to the wall like the beautiful art she is. "DO YOU BELIEVE IT NOW?" "NO!" She screamed trying to cover her face but I knock her hands out the way. Pressing my lips to hers I smooth and kiss away her tears. "You know Brea Thompson you're to beautiful for tears and you are to good for me. I don't deserve you but I'm keeping you anyway." "Chase I just don't think I can live this life. Its not me." Cocking my head to the side I kiss her lips again. "I'm sorry Wife I can't live without you so something gotta give, and I can assure you it wont me me giving up on you."


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The Doubl...
by RoseMarieBWWM