Between the Worlds
By NoraHanson1
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[*Completed*] The portal didn't seem to work anymore, Ford said. He destroyed it, he said. ...wrong. Oh he had no clue how wrong he was with that. Bill and Dipper, a cat and mouse game. Who would win? Currently, the demon tried to steal himself the riff and Dipper was only accidently in the basement. A battle begun as soon as Dipper got what his intentions were and he tried to protect the riff. And Bill... His shot, originally supposed to hit the desperate human, hit the portal behind him. A lightning bolted out of the seemingly closed portal and it reopened, sucking the startled boy inside. All he could do was yelling his last words, believing he wouldn't see the demon ever again. "Bill I love you!!" Ranked: 2 #grunklestan 2 #reversefalls 1 #reversedipper 1 #mysteryshack 11 #gravityfalls 1 #reversepacifica 6 #stanfordpines 1 #dipper 1 #grunkleford

Chapter 1

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Between t...
by NoraHanson1