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By ShiiLopes
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Have you ever wondered if your loved ones can hear you from beyond the stars? Have you ever wished to have those same loved ones back just for a moment? Have you ever wished those same loved ones were here to witness you grow into adulthood? Our lives have been anything but hell since our mothers transitioned from this earth. Every night we pray and ask God the same question, "Can You Hear Me?" If you had the chance to rewrite the past, would you? If you had the moment to bring that loved one back, would you? We answered yes to both questions, but who knows if they can hear us at this point? Turn the pages to experience a new journey as our lives change for the better and the worse. And watch as we go through our daily lives, wondering if they can hear us. Written on January 10, 2014. Revamped / Republished on September 1, 2021. ┬ęShiiLopes

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