Pride & Curious...
By mirandakeerr
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This charming woman never had a boyfriend yet just because two nonsense things ; her pride and her curiousity! Lady Verona Madeilene is a 22 years old beautiful woman who has so much pride on her. She loved being curious. She is extremely hard to fall in love. To her, all the man who flirting her or make any move to approach her are will never ever get her heart. It simplicity itself, they do not make her curious about them for showing their feeling obviously. Because of her pride, she will never ever give a positivity to the man that she wants. It is really a shame for her to show the positive signal. She feels like that is too flirty. What an innocent woman! She realized that if she keep being like this, she will never have a love partner. She found herself difficult to change. In her heart, she wants her love life to be like a fairytale one since she love fairytale much. Then, she found a prince of her dream whose the charm she could not avoid. But heart of the man she had been dreaming of is difficult to get by any woman. He has his pride too, but in different interpretation with her So, how she get a boyfriend? Will she get one?


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Pride &am...
by mirandakeerr